Passengers Safe After Recent Bus Accidents

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Coach never likes to see any of our vehicles get into an accident, but we know in this field, it is bound to happen. In the past few weeks, we noticed that two of our buses were in accidents. Between these two accidents we noticed a continuous trend, somewhat of a silver lining. All of the passengers involved in these accidents left the scene without any life-threatening injuries.

At Coach Bus Sales, we always take pride in the fact that we sell the best quality vehicles possible. The buses we sell are manufactured by Coach and Equipment, a company that has been building and designing buses for over a hundred years.They put a lot of time and care into adding features that make Coach buses the safest buses possible.

Coach and Equipment buses feature:

  • A fully welded steel roll cage, which extends from the driver's location to the rear of the bus,encompassing the entire structure.
  • A guard rail that is a full length 18 gauge, 6" wide steel exterior crash rail flanking both sides of the vehicle
  • Fully integrated interior 11 gauge steel seat rails
  • FMVSS 210 seat installation that acts as a sidewall gusset to provide even greater side impact protection
  • Extended sidewalls that extend below the floor line for superior strength, inhibiting the body from traveling across the floor for added impact protection.

Coach and Equipment believes that these safety features should never be optional. That is why they include all of these features in every single bus they make. 

The two accidents that recently occurred happened in Philadelphia and New Jersey. To see news coverage of the NJ Transit accident, click here. Below, you will find an embedded video that shows news coverage of the SEPTA bus that was involved in an accident in Philadelphia. We are happy to see that everyone got out safe, and we wish a speedy recovery to all of those who were involved.