Coach's Tim Benson Going the Extra Mile

coach parts
Monday, June 23, 2014

Last Wednesday morning, Tim Benson woke up at 4 a.m., gassed up his 2006 Dodge Ram, and began his 650 mile round trip down to New York City. His truck was loaded with various parts that ranged from battery cables to air conditioning parts, all of them orders made by our parts store customers. Benson did not take this trip just to save customers money on delivery, he also wanted to learn more about the organizations buying our parts.

 “I wanted to put a name and a face to the customers that are ordering from us. I felt that it would help with customer relations,” said Tim Benson, Parts Sales Manager at Coach. “Each customer that orders from us has their own unique operation, with specific individual needs. I wanted to make this trip to learn more about our customers, how they run their operation, and how Coach can provide them with the best service possible.”

It was a trip that Benson was glad he made. All of his deliveries were met with a great reception. He was able to take a tour of each of the shops he delivered to, with owners showing him the processes they use when fixing up their vehicles, and how our parts store has helped contribute to those processes. When asked if he would do it again, Benson stated humorously: “With the great reception I had on this trip, I would definitely be happy to do it again in the near future. Next time I think I will avoid doing it all in one day though, I think the 15 hour trip got the best of me.”