Coach Bus Sales New Product a Big Hit

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Customer reviews have been coming in, and all the reviews regarding Coach Bus Sales Lift Pendant Box have been outstanding. Many are pleased with the extra security our Lift Pendant Box provides for their Braun lifts.

Braun lifts are unparalleled in design and operation. Their products are designed with durable material, and our Lift Pendant Box looks to add extra security to an already well established product. Our Lift Pendant Box looks to help prevent damage caused by human error. Regardless of how durable a product is, an individual may drop or misplace the pendant, leaving it susceptible to damage.

The Lift Pendant Box encases Braun lift pendants in a durable 16 gauge stainless steel body. This ensures that the lift pendent remains in a safe stationary position. You already made the right decision purchasing a Braun lift, now make the decision to help keep that product secure.

This product is offered in two different tiers. You can purchase one with a pendant included (#2628018), or one without a pendant included (#2628015).We are really proud of this product, and we believe that it has the potential to help a lot of our customers improve the longevity of their lift pendants.