Coach and Equipment production increases with Shepard Brothers Big Sale

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Coach and Equipment is ecstatic over Shepard Brothers newly awarded bid in the state of Connecticut. Shepard Brothers was identified as the highest ranking firm to provide Coach and Equipment paratransit vehicles to the Consortium agencies in the Joint Procurement Program, and the Greater Hartford Transit District.

Shepard Brothers won the following classes for the bid:

  • Class A 8 minimum passengers 138”-139”WB
  • Class B 12 minimum passengers 158”-159”WB
  • Class C 16 Minimum passengers 176”-190”WB

Congratulations Shepard Brothers, This equals out to over 322 buses being produced for Connecticut over the next five years.  We here at Coach and equipment are happy to be a part of this major bid. Big bids like this allow us to build and send the safest and most reliable busses possible in key states throughout the east coast. The state of Connecticut is a major addition to our production plan for the year, and it increasingly helps us spread our great product throughout the nation.


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