Respecting our Elders’ Transportation Needs

Designing midsize buses to transport seniors is a science all its own—because keeping these passengers safe and sound means understanding and meeting their special needs. They could have issues with walking and balance or with their eyesight. They may need an extra measure of comfort, especially on longer rides. Walkers and wheelchairs can make boarding and exiting the bus a major challenge. Our solutions include non-slip floors, extra-comfortable seats, wheelchair lifts and tie-downs, various seat fabrics, walker storage racks, overhead luggage racks, extra wide front doors, and more.

Check out this video to see our buses superior crash-test performance.

How do we know our buses are exceptionally safe? Because it’s a proven fact. One of our primary manufacturers conducted punishing crash tests on our most frequently purchased bus. Its crash-test performance was shown to be outstanding: despite the tremendous impact, any human passengers would have remained safe and secure. (See the test for yourself in the video included here.)

Look to Coach for buses ideal for assisted living, nursing homes, and other senior facilities. You’ll find just the right mix of features for your needs—and for your budget. As always, we’re ready to guide you through the selection process.