Buses in a Class of Their Own

Because Coach’s roots are in the school bus market, we know that when it comes to transporting students, safety must be priority #1.

When shopping for a bus, you should be aware that there are buses on the market that are by no means safe enough. Since 2010, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been urging users of commonly purchased 15-passenger vans to beware. Sadly, two recent crashes in New York and Georgia, involving 15-passenger vans that rolled over—resulted in 10 deaths—tragic proof that safely designed buses are crucial.

At Coach, we are all about safety. That’s why so many colleges, universities, and training institutes all depend on Coach Bus Sales for transportation that’s reliable, comfortable, and gets those students where they’re going—safely.

Look to Coach for buses ideal for educational organizations. You’ll find just the right mix of features for your needs—and for your budget. As always, we’re ready to guide you through the selection process.