Why Choose Coach?

At Coach Bus Sales, buses are all we focus on. So our depth of bus expertise is unparalleled. The buses we carry are, without exception, superior in terms of reliable drive trains, their engines and chassis, as well as their passenger protection features and ergonomics. We are confident we offer our customers the safest buses in the industry.

How to Buy a Bus Guide

Whitepaper Excerpt—

Selecting and Purchasing a Mid-size Bus Evaluating Features and Quality

There are many, many mid-size buses on the market today. It is not an easy task to select the best choice for your needs. But it’s crucial that you do—because a bus is a major financial investment. And, its design is critical in determining the safety, comfort, and overall satisfaction of your passengers.

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We also select our buses with careful attention to life-cycle costs. Because our buses are quality-built, they last longer than many competitive offerings—so, over time, our buses can cost you far less than options with a lower initial price.

What’s more, our buses are customizable and can be configured to meet the transportation needs of any customer. Count on Coach for unsurpassed service, reliability and value.